Here are top dos and don’ts of SEO to build you a SEO friendly website

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SEO strategies keep on changes constantly as the search engines update their algorithm as often!
On the part of perfect SEO it sounds good. Search Engines improves the ranking of website with good content. And the website with less quality content would have experienced the negative effect on it.

Here are some dos and don’ts for effective SEO ranking!
The first main and most important thing is “Keyword”.
Analyze the trending keywords and filter on the best among it from the point of the customer what they look for. Give preference to long tail keywords.
Do not think on the part of the seller, while filtering keywords.

Make great attention on content
Content is the King of SEO. Fresh content is the most likely thing for all Search Engines.
It would be well and good if you would implement the SEO on content too and write the content using the most searchable keywords you use on-page.
Do not stuff the keywords more than enough as it would be negative impact on website.

Meta tag
Ensure that the Meta tag should contain the keywords that are SEO friendly and focus on that your title to be within 60 characters as Google cut shorts and displays only 55 character of it.
Make SEO friendly website content so that it helps improve your search engine ranking.
Do not insert keywords more than 80 character.
Do not simply stuff the content in to the description that is irrelevant to the business.

URL structure
URL is the most important thing for SEO so make it SEO friendly.
Use keywords in the url and use hyphen “-” in between the words.
Do not make url structure without spacing between words. Also do no use “_” in between the words in the URL as it is not SEO friendly.

Images make the visitors look to it a while so make it catchy.
On part of SEO optimize all images in the website with relevant keywords. Upload images of less weight.
Do not upload heavy weight images. As it slows down the speed of website.

Internal Linking
Concentrate on providing internal links to the website that helps to improve your ranking factor.
Follow to provide up to minimum two or three links to the website.  
Do not provide more than enough internal linking to the website.

Quality Backlinks
Focus to gain quality backlinks, as this is the main important thing as it stays long lasting.
Strictly follow to submit your website on niche websites on part of off page SEO process.
Just like that submitting your website on irrelevant website leads to less quality backlinks and that affects the ranking of your website on Search Engines.

User friendly interface
Though it is not into the subject of SEO to look on part of user interface that would be the one of the main reasons to while converting a visitor as customer!
Develop a website that is user friendly, and easy for the users to pass through and proceed further whether it may be ecommerce or general website.
Do not think on the point of Developers while developer a website, think as user so that it would be useful for users to use on!

Hope you all might have got some useful tips on part to SEO! What to do and what not to….


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